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We offer individuals and companies a full financial review to make sure that you have the right products for securing and protecting your financial future.

Our Team

  • Mark Gallagher

    Principle and founding member of Smart Financial


    As the Principle and founding member of Smart Financial, Mark’s focus is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients seeking professional and honest financial advice. He is also responsible for ensuring all aspects of the business is run efficiently as well as ethically and believes that open communication and shared ideas allows for enhanced performance in the workplace.


    Mark found his passion starting off his career in the Life Insurance industry in 2005. From there he has gained a wealth of knowledge in the areas of Pensions, Investments and the Protection business. After becoming a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA), he took the bold step of setting up his own brokerage “Smart Financial” in 2015 where he was shortlisted for the coveted ‘Best new Brokerage’ accolade imparted by the Professional Irish Brokers Association (now Brokers Ireland LPI awards).


    His aim is to work in clients’ best interests, to identify their expressed financial needs and concerns with the objective of finding suitable and tailored financial planning solutions and meeting their desired financial goals. To achieve this, he meets with clients on a regular basis to discuss their financial situation and make sure they are on track to achieve their financial objectives.


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    Mark Gallagher
  • David Walsh

    Qualified Financial Advisor


    As a senior Financial Advisor at Smart Financial David’s focus is to engage with his clients on both a personal and professional level, to listen, ask questions and really understand what individuals or companies want to achieve. Sometimes this can be something quite simple, other times a more holistic, long-term financial strategy is required to achieve their need or objective.


    David’s clients range from CEO’s to sole-traders to PAYE workers who want Smart advice. They all know what to expect from him- a friendly, knowledgeable, dedicated and transparent service, and he prides himself on going the extra mile for every client. This approach has allowed him to grow his portfolio exponentially, through word of mouth alone, since joining Smart Financial in 2016.


    After completing an international commerce degree in UCD he began working in BNY Mellon, within their funds department. This coincided with the economic crash of 2008 and whilst challenging, navigating this crisis with his clients at the time proved to be a valuable learning experience. He then lived in Mexico for several years, growing and managing a business of his own. After many enjoyable years, and like so many Irish people living abroad, he and his family decided to move home! The decision was made to return to financial services, but this time as an advisor, and he studied for his QFA (qualified financial advisor) certification.


    Smart Financial was established in 2015 and was nominated for Ireland’s best new brokerage award in its first year trading. He was drawn to their fresh approach to financial advice, led by a youthful team of intelligent professionals. He joined Smart Financial in 2016 and has worked his way up to being their most senior advisor, and trusted member of staff.

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    David Walsh
  • Seán Kilbane

    Qualified Financial Advisor


    As a senior Financial Advisor at Smart Financial, Sean is entrusted with assisting clients by providing professional advice, taking into account their current financial needs and circumstances, and developing astute financial plans with product solutions in line with their financial objectives and priorities.


    Originally from the island of Achill, Sean moved to Dublin in 2011 to begin his career working in financial services where he developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, and has continued his journey, joining Smart Financial in 2018, as a valuable member of our team.


    Due to his passion for helping people, he always aims to find the most effective way to maximise the value he can add to every client interaction, helping to achieve his clients’ financial objective in the shortest possible time.


    Sean is an expert at conducting full financial reviews and strongly believes that this serves as a solid base-point for achieving any long-lasting financial goals.
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    Seán Kilbane
  • Arthur Lustosa do Amaral

    Pension Administrator


    Holding a bachelor in Accountancy from University of Brasília, Arthur began his professional career in the banking environment in Brazil. He worked 2 years in the Cooperative Banking system, where he acquired an extensive understanding of Financial theory and its practical implications.


    Thereafter, he decided to broaden his knowledge by enrolling on a Higher Diploma in Economics at UCD – University College Dublin. Upon graduating, he was given the opportunity of joining Smart Financial, furthering his career in financial services. He is also currently in the process of completing his QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) certification, which will make him suitably qualified to provide Financial Advice in the Irish financial services environment.


    As a Pension Administrator at Smart Financial his focus is to ensure that all areas of the financial planning process are managed efficiently and with due diligence. He works closely with the senior Financial Advisors to assist on the compliance of the operation and liaise with both product providers and clients to ensure that all business applications and policy plan data is implemented and accurately recorded.


    Personally, he has a keen and genuine interest on engaging with people and helping them achieve their goals. In the workplace, he makes it his priority to ensure that every action taken is served in the best interests of clients.
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    Arthur Lustosa do Amaral
  • John Hourigan

    Financial Planning Consultant


    As a Financial Planning Consultant, John has had the pleasure of working alongside many well-established companies, using his own B2B & B2C marketing initiatives in order to engage and connect with his clients in the most efficient manner.


    Starting out, he was fortunate enough to work with the likes of JP Morgan, HSBC, and Bank of Ireland, gaining significant financial service experience assisting in the processing and administration of financial data, improving on areas within the accounting departments, and advising and assisting clients relating to their accounts and queries.


    John has a can-do attitude and a seemingly endless drive to consistently improve and further his learning and education. He is on course to completing his certification as a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) and, in conjunction with Smart Financial, excels in his client engagements and application of best-in-class financial solutions for his clients.

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    John Hourigan
  • Zach Caine

    Marketing Manager


    As Marketing Manager at Smart Financial, Zach is entrusted with developing best practice marketing solutions that effectively communicates the company’s financial planning expertise, aligning Smart Financial’s unique product solutions with client needs and objectives.


    Originally from South Africa, Zach moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2020 to further his career in Financial Services with the intention to join Smart Financial and add value to the team. His impressive business accolades include a Degree in Brand Building and Management, a post-graduate Diploma in Financial Planning as well as 7 years experience as a Financial Planner in South Africa, making him suitably qualified in the field of marketing and Financial Services.


    He is also currently in the process of completing his QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) certification, which will make him suitably qualified to provide financial advice in the Irish financial services environment.
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    Zach Caine

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