Pensions & Retirement

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.

Pensions are an extremely tax efficient way of saving. You can get tax relief on your saving at the marginal rate of tax; funds accumulate tax-free until retirement and you can get a percentage of your fund tax-free at retirement.

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Pensions & Retirement
  • Pension Term Assurance

    Pension Term Protection is life insurance that covers the period of time up until retirement.

  • Personal Pension Plan “PPP”

    A PPP is a long-term investment that aims to help you build up a pot of money.

  • Personal Retirement Savings Account “PRSA”

    Both the holder and their employer may make contributions into the PRSA.

  • Personal Retirement Bond “PRB”

    A PRB is a personal policy that is set up by trustees of a pension scheme to provide retirement benefits for a former member of the scheme.

  • Approved Retirement Fund “ARF”

    With ARFs, you re-invest your pension fund and take the money out when you need it.

  • Annuity

    An Annuity is a simple retirement payment option that guarantees to pay you a particular amount every month throughout your life in retirement.

  • Additional Voluntary Contributions “AVCs”

    Additional Voluntary Contributions, or AVCs, are extra contributions you can make in addition to your existing company pension.

  • Executive Pension

    An Executive Pension is designed to help employees, company owners or company directors save for their retirement.

  • Company Pension Plans

    Providing your employees with access to a Company Pension scheme is essential if they are to enjoy a comfortable life in retirement.

  • Investing in Property through Pension

    Investing your Pension in Property allows rental income to grow your pension fund while benefiting from generous tax reliefs.

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