Investment Bond

If you are looking to save for the medium to long term, the Investment Bond is a unit-linked single premium investment that is ideal when investing a lump sum to achieve your long term goals.

All investments involve risk. Even the lowest risk investment that is considered to be cash is certainly not risk free. With interest rates being considerably low in Ireland, your cash savings on deposit would likely lose money in real terms over the long term when taking inflation into account.

Diversified multi-asset investments have historically outperformed cash over the majority of periods therefore making cash a riskier asset class when building capital over time.


Why should I consider an Investment Bond?

1. Your savings in the bank are being eroded by inflation. Investment growth will exceed the cost of inflation over time.

2. If you want to achieve important financial goals such as saving for your first home, your ideal holiday, or having the financial security of a rainy-day fund, this is a great way for your lump sum investment to achieve a good potential for growth.

3. Our Investment Bonds give you access to some of the best product providers in the market with a variety of investment funds.

4. If you have a lump sum of money, you can invest as little as €10,000.


What are the benefits?

  • Flexibility – You can switch funds if you like, you have the option of drawing an income from the bond or making regular contributions alongside the bond.
  • Funds – Wide selection of funds you can choose to invest in, including Multi-asset funds.
  • Tailor-made  We can help you create a personalized portfolio to suit your investment strategy by selecting preferred funds across multiple product providers.
  • Growth Potential  You can opt for higher risk funds with a higher potential return, or limit the risk to your investment with more protected funds, based on your investment objectives and time frame.
Investment Bond

Assessing your attitude to risk

When investing a lump sum of money it is important to consider the level of risk you are willing to take to achieve your investment goals. As with many things in life, the more risk you take, the greater your potential reward and loss. Similarly, the less risk you take, the lower your potential reward and loss.

Understanding your attitude to risk and investment time frame will help you to determine the right investment options when setting out your investment goals. Here, our Financial Advisors will assist you to make sure your chosen investment has the appropriate risk profile.


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Please note: Minimum single investment is €10,000

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