Savings & Investments

The hardest part of a new journey is taking that first step. When it comes to planning your future, investing is always a great move to make.

With interest rates being considerably low in Ireland, your savings are losing money on deposit in your local bank account or credit union. If you are looking to save for the medium to long term horizon, an Investment or Savings Plan can help you achieve your future goals & objectives.

Our Financial Advisors will help you create a personalized plan to suit your investment strategy for the future.

What are my goals?

Before you decide where to put your savings, you may want to first set out your future goals. Once you have identified your goals, we can then set out an investment strategy to help you reach them.

Examples of such can include:

  • Your dream wedding & marriage.
  • Securing your dream home & raising a family.
  • Building up funds for your children’s education.
  • Starting a new business.
  • Saving for retirement.


Why is Financial Advice important when investing?

Successful long-term investing requires expert advice. Our Financial Advisors will sit down with you to discuss your goals, understand your needs and aspirations and help you explore a range of investment options that suit you.

What is our investment advice process?

  1. To listen and understand what you would like to achieve, taking into consideration your current financial commitments and how much money you are comfortable with saving each month.
  2. Determine how your your attitude to risk aligns with the appropriate investment.
  3. Help you explore a range of investment options that suit your needs.
  4. We then regularly monitor your investment performance, to ensure that it is on track to helping you achieve your investment goals. We may also make any adjustments required if there is a change in your circumstances.
Savings and Investments
  • Children’s College Savings Plan

    This plan is for parents who wish to save for their children’s future education.

  • Regular Savings Plan

    A plan to help you invest money on a regular basis to achieve your future financial goals.

  • Investment Bond

    A plan to help you to invest a lump sum to achieve your financial goals.

Which investment is right for me?

We provide savings and investment solutions for both individuals and business owners.We have lots of different fund options, depending on how you wish to save – and what you’re aiming for.

As part of our service to our clients, our Advisors aim to ensure that your investments are tax efficient, while also offering investment diversification by splitting the amount invested into a number of funds for optimal performance.


How do I get started?

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