Today’s Weekly Investment News is a little bit longer than usual, but there are a few key points we are keen to impress. US markets have officially entered a bear market, with only 1932 representing a worse start to the year for the key S&P 500 market gauge. A 50/50 portfolio of global equities and global bonds look set for their worst quarter in history. I realise this is not a particularly uplifting Monday morning discussion topic.


However, it is worth noting that the above tells us that we are at extremes and hindsight will tell us that a move to cash in early January would have represented a salient New Year’s Resolution so far this year. Last Monday every constituent of the S&P 500 was in negative territory at some point (first time since 1996), and the wider New York Stock Exchange advance/decline ratio was the most negative since 2007. The moves over the weekend in riskier ‘assets’ such as Bitcoin (-70% from record high) also suggest sentiment is now negative in the extreme.