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It was another big week for politics with elections in the UK and France taking the spotlight. Given much has already been written regarding both elections, and that we will cover our current views in depth on Wednesday, we thought some quick-fire facts from a political perspective could be useful for client conversations in the coming days. So here goes:


  • The Labour party have won an additional 211 seats compared with the 2019 election, whilst the Conservatives have lost 250 seats.
  • Despite more than doubling the amount of seats labour received in 2019, the party only won 33.8% of the vote, improving their share from 2019 by just 1.6% overall. 
  • In Scotland, the Scottish National Party had a tough election, seeing their number of seats fall from 48 to just 9.
  • In Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin won the most seats of a Northern Irish party in the British parliament for the first time.
  • Between 1945 and 1994, only 1 in 6 Labour victories led to a positive change in the FT30 index of the largest UK companies the next day, while 7 in 9 Conservative wins did.
  • In France right-wing National Rally and its allies, which took an impressive lead in the first round of voting, fell to third place due to tactical voting, winning 143 seats.
  • The left-wing New Popular Front won 182 seats, whilst President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble alliance won 163 seats.


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