As we begin to see out 2021, our attention turns to 2022 and what the year ahead might hold. We are currently compiling our Investment Outlook document; ‘Bumpy Road Ahead?’. As the title suggests we suspect there will be many twists and turns ahead with the road laid out by policymakers set to be a key driver of investment markets (when is it ever not?). We look forward to discussing our thoughts at our Annual Investment Outlook Webinar (Register here) which will be held on Tuesday 11th January at 10am.


Last week was not without its news, as we saw the Fed confirm tapering plans, the ECB indicating higher rates next year are ‘unlikely’, and the Bank of England actually pushing ahead with a 0.15% rate increase. Central Bank divergence will influence capital flows into next year and could be the cause of a few bumps along the road ahead. This coupled with the reintroduction of Covid induced restrictions led to a cautious end to the last full trading week of 2021. Finally, we have tried to bring you the most terrible of puns throughout the year, so given events over the weekend I’ll leave you with one more: Brexit may not be oven ready, but it has at least been ‘defrosted’.


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