Good Morning,

We hope you all managed to catch our Investment Outlook webinar last Tuesday, but for those who didn’t, all the information is here (please note, CPD is available for live viewers only). We have further information on the week that was below but, with the start of the World Economic Forum in Davos today, we thought we’d take a wider view of the world through the lens of our Global Risks Report for 2024.


The report identifies five key risks for the year ahead:


  1. Extreme weather
  2. AI- generated misinformation and disinformation
  3. Societal and political polarisation
  4. Cost of living crisis
  5. Cyberattacks


The merits and demerits of artificial intelligence will continue to be hotly debated throughout 2024. The role of regulation (most likely in the EU) will also come under close scrutiny. As discussed in recent weeks, much of the world goes to the polls this year, and as portrayed in this video AI and online content could have a pivotal role in some key elections. We of course don’t know what will actually materialise, but the report provides a useful backdrop to some of the key issues facing not only investment markets, but the wider economy in the year ahead.


As always, if you wish to discuss anything in further detail, please do get in touch.