Protests hit Iran and internal tensions remain high after its government admitted one of its missiles downed a Ukrainian jet earlier this month, claiming 176 lives. But while the White House announced new sanctions on Friday, fears of a full-scale military escalation have well and truly receded, as evidenced by oil pricing falling back during the week.

In the U.K., Prime Minister Johnson sees his Brexit deal go to the House of Lords for approval, while over in the U.S., the White House will host Chinese Vice Premier Liu on Wednesday for a signing of the first phase of a trade deal whose negotiations kept investors on tenterhooks for months.

Asian stocks started the week higher, fuelled by more optimism on China’s economy, while the yuan strengthened but Japanese markets were closed for a holiday. European futures were little changed, while U.S. futures gained after the S&P 500 dropped from record levels Friday with the latest jobs report delivering mixed signals. CLICK HERE