Equity markets came under further pressure last week as rate and geopolitical concerns combined to darken the mood for investors – more information below. At such points in the evolution of the market it is worth remembering that a long-term focus for investors is imperative to allow us to cut through the short-term noise. An equity based; multi-asset approach remains the most appropriate fund choice for most Irish investors.


However, there are certain scenarios where a lower risk approach could be relevant. These could, amongst others, include:


  • Benefitting from attractive PRSA funding opportunities
  • Customers approaching the Standard Fund Threshold
  • Customers approaching NRA and looking to bring certainty to Tax Free Lump Sum amounts
  • Those looking for a tactical holding for business or personal succession planning


With the above in mind, it is worth noting that we currently have the Fixed Term (Series 2) fund open to new business until 17th November 2023. It provides customers with a fixed gross return of 3.88% per annum if held for the three-year period. There is also the potential of an additional 1.0% return at the end of the three-year period, based on the performance of the Euro Stoxx® Index. More important information is available in the Fund Flyer and the Key Features Document.


As always, if you wish to discuss anything in further detail, please do get in touch.