This week marks the start of a new quarter, and we’ve included a summary of the quarter just gone below for info. We’ll also resist the urge to delve deeper into the much talked about price increase of raw cocoa (read Easter Eggs) but we can confirm we have not begun hoarding next year’s stash just yet.


For those of you who don’t tend to spend Bank Holiday weekends digesting ECB press releases, Economist Simon Barry has produced a superb piece on LinkedIn detailing the evolution of Irish Household Deposits in recent times, some key takeaways:


  • A new record high, of €153.6bn was achieved in February
  • February marked the fastest growth rate in five months
  • Whilst off its record high, approximately 90% of Irish deposits remain invested in ‘overnight’ instruments – earning 0%.
  • This is the highest level in 19 eurozone countries with data available (Croatia excluded at this time)


As oft stated, cash is always part of a good financial plan, and the aforementioned €150bn+ is not evenly distributed across society. However, there continues to be the opportunity to invest excess savings via lump sum or monthly direct debit.


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