It’s a busy week ahead in terms of economic releases, with a lot being crammed in as markets start to wind down for the Christmas break. There’s key inflation data along with several prominent interest rate decisions which will give investors much to reflect on in what has been a volatile 2022 for markets. It looks like (barring a very strong run up to Christmas) it will be a negative year for most investors, but it’s worth keeping perspective and not making any short term decisions which will have long term consequences.


We haven’t seen any data from the Irish market, but the Investment Association in the UK reported last week that it looks set to be the first year of outflows from retail investment funds in more than a decade.  Whilst the decision to divest is more than appropriate for some investors based on their retirement and overall financial plans, we know that this is not the case for the majority. It is an oft repeated mantra, but although markets have changed in 2022 that doesn’t mean your personal circumstances and long term financial goals have to. Inevitably, human behaviour will play a predictable negative role for some investors but those with a financial advisor to keep them on track are likely to fare better than those without.


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