The Northern Ireland protocol came back into the spotlight last week as Rishi Sunak looked to chalk up a big early win in his term. The other big news was the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon from her role as leader of the SNP. Interestingly, that means all the leaders of the ‘big six’ UK parties from the 2019 general election are no longer in situ.


In US politics, the debt ceiling begins to loom larger…again. Congress has very much descended into a cycle of raising and re-raising the debt ceiling. Failure to do so has very real consequences with pay cheques for Federal employees going unissued numerous times in the last decade. Since Congress acted on the issue for the first time in 1960, the ceiling has been raised 78 times. And, perhaps, contradicting the political preconceptions, 49 times under Republican presidents and 29 times under Democratic presidents.


Finally, Friday marks one year since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Whilst so much has happened throughout the conflict from a human perspective, a resolution looks as far away as ever. Global leaders will have continued diplomatic efforts on the side-lines of the Munich Security Conference over the weekend, with numerous potential announcements expected throughout the week ahead.


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