Last week promised to be a busy week for markets, and so it proved to be. Tuesday’s US inflation figure was followed up by a rapid-fire round of Central Bank decisions (more detail below). It certainly had the sense of front loading a lot of the work as people begin to wind down for the Christmas break – something we’re very much looking forward to! This is the last Weekly Investment News of 2022, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our readers for their thoughts and comments throughout the year – which are always welcome. We hope everyone enjoys a well-earned break following what has been quite the year for investment markets, with perhaps one eye on 2023 and the year ahead.


With that in mind, we’re busy putting the finishing touches on our own 2023 Investment Outlook and we look forward to welcoming you on 10 January to our regular January Investment Webinar. Registration details available here. We’ll update you on our current positioning and outlook across all the main asset classes. We would also be interested in getting some questions in advance and hearing your views. Therefore, a final question to see out the year – How would you rank the prospects for the five main asset classes for 2023? Please see the survey link. We would appreciate your feedback on this question.


As always, if you wish to discuss anything in further detail, please do get in touch.